Mom-PopMom and Pop (John & Sandra Adeimy – High school sweethearts )- started a wholesale and retail fish market in West Palm Beach, Fla. This business quickly grew into one of the largest retail and wholesale markets in Palm Beach County – with a state of the art facility built by Mr. Adeimy, John's father. After building South Florida Seafood Retail Market #1 to a BUSY retail – we decided to open Retail Market #2 in Lake Worth, Fla. Not only were our businesses growing so was our family!! In 1984 we had a tragic loss of our fourth child – it took the wind out of our sails – we could no longer continue with 7 days a week so a very large seafood company offered to buy our West Palm Beach location. After a lot of negotiating we decided to back down to just one location. Long story short, this location was also very successful. In 1993 we sold Market #2. We decided we wanted to spend more time with our growing family. We got involved with our children's private school. John became the Athletic Director (FYI – John was inducted into "The Baseball Hall of Fame in 1971.) Sandra taught Kindergarten as well as assisting John with the sports department. After the children started getting older we discovered that Pop's Fish Market was for sale (which we used to sell Fla. Lobster and fish). After two years of negotiating, the deal was made and we were back in the fish business!! The original Pop (Paul Smith and his family) laid a GREAT foundation for us to build on. We did not change any of the original recipes, just added new prepared items as well as new services ☺ Our favorite time of the year is Christmas and New Years when all Five of our children come home and we all work together!!!! So far two of our five children, Alicia and Daniel are interested in carrying on the family tradition. Our oldest daughter's husband, Barkley is presently helping to build our "Fish & Chips"